Pam’s family tree

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Trout family tree

This is not that new an item, but amazingly, it’s slipped through the blogging net until now! I am very proud of this tree, although I was mostly very daunted by the prospect of over 50 people to draw initially!

But the thing is, ultimately, I really do like a challenge. And so it was here, with a tree spanning 4 generations across the mostly living, and a collection of beautiful people. It was also a first to draw some very specific landmarks – the Angel of the North, the stadium of light and the wonderful bridges of Sunderland, as well as a working steam train!

You can see further family trees on my Etsy shop Karuski Colours – and find out more about how I work and my price list. Feel free to contact me on if you want to discuss ideas and get an accurate quote.

This tree was commissioned by Jonathan for his mum and dad’s Christmas – and this is what he had to say:

“I commissioned Katherine to make a family tree for my mother’s Christmas present. It ended up being a rather extended piece of work, featuring over 50 relatives and pets and a variety of local landmarks. Katherine worked diligently with hundreds of photographs and consulted extensively on character, placement and clothing to capture everyone beautifully and with considerable charm. My mother and I are utterly thrilled with the result, which is in pride of place in the family home, and are recommending Katherine to everyone who sees the piece”

Here are a small selection of the pictures I used to create the drawing – with guidance from Pam herself, giving me a certain creative licence where we were lacking exact info on clothes and such! 🙂


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