How I work

My illustrations are hand-drawn, not digital, so what you get is an absolutely unique piece of artwork, made to your very own specifications.

I work from ordinary photos and information provided by you. I don’t need to see a photo of someone in the exact pose and clothes, I will work a composite based on your requirements.

Bob(Dad) 2 (Gwyneth-Mum on right) Georgina 1 Grace 2 (Holly on right) Jane 3

I start with a pencil sketch that you get to review and approve before I move on to inking and good old felt-tip technology to complete your artwork.

Gwyneth sketch Georgina twins Jane sketch

All my work is scanned to high quality file as a back-up. On occasion, I can also use digital formats if the piece requires it, or to create posters, cards or integrate real photography as part of my work.

What I need from you

Pictures, to start with with – preferably 3 to 4 per person. Profiles and full length are good, but not necessarily together. I just need to build a good understanding of the person in question.

Then the fun bits: clothes, accessories, hobbies, shoes, jewellery, toys, whatever it is that will make the drawing all the more personal. Eye colour is essential as well, as it’s rarely that clear on pictures. And cats and dogs of course, or any other pet if applicable.

Most importantly, I need a bit of your time: the more detailed information you’re able to provide, the more the illustration will reflect the people depicted.

For family trees, you also have the option to provide me with 2-3 keywords that define each person (for example: ‘Liverpool, yoga, gourmet’), which I can then weave into the leaves of the trees for an extra personal touch. This doesn’t involve an extra cost. Bear in mind that too many words might get difficult to fit in.


How long will it take?

Generally, I can turn around artwork in as little as a few days, and I’ll always try  to accommodate urgent requests.

It’s worth remembering that the postal service might not be quite so generously inclined, and you want to send an artwork to Australia, it will be important to add extra time for it to get there (two weeks is not unheard of).

So in short it depends, but I’ll work with your timings.

How much does it cost?

In short, it really depends on what you are after. As each artwork is fully personalised, it will be based on the number of people involved, the format, the size of the drawing and the level of details you want.

Check out the Price list page for more details.


As a true creative, I just love a good challenge. So if you fancy turning your family into a Star Wars dynasty or your best mates into centaurs and nymphs, why not? Let’s see what I can do. If you have something in mind, I sure want to hear about it!

Basically, this is all depending on what you’re after, but what you can be sure of, is that you will get something completely unique and very personal.

So go on, email me at:


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