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Toy tortoise

This is the tiniest tortoise alive, and possibly the prettiest… It also lives in our very English gardens, but disguises itself cleverly as a lovely flowering bunch. This clever ruse allows entire colonies to exist right under our unsuspecting noses…

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Going down to Carnation street

It’s the summer solstice today, and we went to a wonderful Scandinavian Summer Fayre, with maypole dancing, elderflower flowing, and many a flower wreath. A few buds fell out and my daughter was quick to spot and get them. And so we celebrated the event […]

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Round the elderflower tree

And when the elderflower buds end their delicious bloom, these gorgeous pods appear… It made me think of simple pleasures, like dancing round a tree to celebrate everything that is good about summer… This is again working on a very small scale, with each create […]

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