Meow 004 exhibition

So here’s the thing.

There is this cool cat of a guy in Belgium called Kurt Overbergh, who for the past 4 years now, has been collecting and running an exhibition all about album covers that feature cats. It’s called MEOW. Of course. He’s so serious about it, he’s even got a manifesto about it.


The crazy bit is that he’s asked me to be part of this meow-vellous adventure (I know). So that’s me, your Karuski, showing my work, for the first time, in a MUSEUM, in BELGIUM, between 1-4 August 2013. They even asked me to go over so they can Q&A the hell out of me on the importance of cats in art.

Here are a few pics photos to commemorate what was quite an unexpected but most wonderful experience, which I really hope to repeat…

meowme meowcrowd meowcrowd2 meowcrowd3 qa

Even got some great press out of it – although it’s mostly in Flemish, but I *think* it’s generally pretty complimentary…

And yes, I’m wearing a cat jumper…


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