The one thing that has turned my life around several times around is my love of music. I moved to London to be in the music scene, holidays are often centred on a specific gig or festival, most of my close friends I met through clubs, concerts or bands mailing lists and our bond is steeped in our mutual love of music. Be it indie, sixties, Thai pop, French cool, powerpop, americana, northern soul or Motown, Gershwin or Bernstein, it’s a very long every growing list of soul-lifting albums, adored songs sung at top of lungs and mind-blowing gigs that keep on shaping who I am.

And so it’s only natural that this part of me should be heavily represented in my work. It all started with the catified album covers and paper dolls, and bands under all sorts of different guises.

I’ll also include here drawings from the vaults, or what I worked on as a teen…

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