Album covers

This is really mostly all about cat covers (for now at least!), although I have also helped design the album cover for Dynamo Royale.

The cat covers came to life accidentally through a (bad) pun.
We were due to see Kraftwerk at Tate Modern, and perusing covers – and as often the conversation turned to cats, when me and the other half thought it would be funny if Kraftwerk was actually Katzwerk (katze is German for cat, the band is German, etc etc), and the Man Machine was the Cat Machine. Yes, we are easily amused. But the next day, I actually had a go at turning the famous album cover into a cat cover.

I started by copying in pencil the existing artwork, then catified each subject by slightly changing the features to be more cat-like, with ears, whiskers and tails.

What happened next surprised me: Belgian artistic director Kurt Overbergh of Ancienne Belgique (and famed cat lover) got in touch. He’d been sent my Katzwerk by a common friend, and wanted to me to feature as part of an exhibition of cat related album covers he was putting on. I of course jumped at the chance. He then asked how many other cat covers I had (‘one?’), and encouraged me to make more. The Beatles, Blur, Nick Cave, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, David Bowie and a lot more underwent the catification process.

Six months later, in August 2013, I found myself in the M Museum in Leuven (one of Belgium’s most prestigious modern museums), the subject of a Q&A session on the importance of cats in music and art, with my work exhibited on the walls as part of Meow 004, with purring sounds coming from the speakers.

There are few more  surreal moments in life. And all of that because of a cat pun. Who knew? More Meows should be happening in the future, so keep your bushy tails wagging until then, and enjoy the collection of cat covers as it grows.

Cat covers will soon be available as posters and T-shirts, so watch this space.

Meanwhile, you can also check my other illustrations for sale on Etsy.

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