About karuski

Karuski is the nom de pencil for me, Katherine Mengardon – I am a French artist and illustrator established in North London. I specialise in capturing the likeness and uniqueness of people – which can then be translated in portrait illustrations, catifications or fantastical scenes.

My work covers all sorts of artwork, from family portraits, family trees, wedding illustration, revisited album covers in a feline twist, paper dolls, nature inspired drawings, life drawing and more.

My very first cat cover for Kraftwerk got the attention of the Meow Exhibition curator who immediately invited to me to contribute to the show.  9 of my cat covers ended up featuring in the exhibition, which took place in a museum as part of a 2014 Summer festival and was visited by over a thousand people over 3 days. I was invited as guest artist, and even did a Q&A and some press on the importance of cats in art.

You can find me on facebook and Pinterest where I currently have over 300k followers, who enjoy posts about cats, cakes, drawings and crafts. My Matisse egg has gone viral!

My Etsy shop karuskicolours is also freshly open and ready for perusing.

Feel free to drop me a line at karuski@yahoo.com to discuss drawings and other musings. 


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