Charlotte and Ansell’s gorgeous brood – family portrait

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IMG_0388 (1)

Some things can be a long time in the making, but they are still worth waiting for! I have been plotting this special family portrait with mum Charlotte for a few months now, but we are both very pleased with the results, a colourful, vibrant and ultra personal drawing.

Charlotte and Ansell have four beautiful lads between them, and like their drawing, they make quite an impression wherever they go. Their origins run far and wide, as represented in the bunting above them – Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, China and just a touch of Brit to close this stunning mix.

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The picture is also meant as an homage to this photographic portraits of this handsome family


Although I went a little more colourful 😉

IMG_0388 - Version 2

What made this project particularly nerve-wracking is that Ansell Cizic, or Mr Dad, is a fantastic photographer and his portraits are fabulous in themselves. Check out in particular his series on Artists of the East end – it says so much about what a creative area we live in.

Ansel family

But I am glad to report that the family seems truly delighted with their doppelgangers…

IMG_6486 IMG_6494  IMG_6495

If you would like to commission a family portrait, check out my Etsy shop Karuski Colours for further inspiration and drop me a line at

You can find out more about how I work and my price list as well – remember that each drawing is entirely bespoke and unique, made to your specifications.

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