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Bonne fete maman!!

And so it’s mother’s day in France, and the occasion for my mum to come back to this blog, this time with her great love of cocks. Far from me being rude, this is the true story of an obsession that drives my poor mother […]

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Delilah Lilac

My my my, Delilah! Like the 20s flapper vibe of that one – near disaster though when daughter spilled her tea and a splosh landed on this sassy lady’s dress. This turned quickly into a yellow spot, so added a few and actually liked the […]

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Auntie Annie

Just before Easter, my parents came to stay for a few days. I needed help with the kids during the holidays and they were desperate to see their grandchildren. They’re in Toulouse, you see. It was truly a lovely time for everyone, just something that […]

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