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Going down to Carnation street

It’s the summer solstice today, and we went to a wonderful Scandinavian Summer Fayre, with maypole dancing, elderflower flowing, and many a flower wreath. A few buds fell out and my daughter was quick to spot and get them. And so we celebrated the event […]

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Halloween turkey owl

It’s likely that the Halloween turkey owl first originated in the United States, but took the Mayflower on its return to England, and for that we are very thankful indeed. ┬áThis clever creature has instincts beyond the natural and in this very occasion must have […]

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Tufted micro hound

Beware this ferocious looking creature! With his majestic mane and his razor sharp teeth, he does recall his larger cousins in faraway lands – however, the micro-tufted hound is unlikely to cause much damage. He is no more than three inches tall, and his main […]

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Blue Fox

The ruffled Robin Hooded Fox

I got a liiiiiiittle bit obsessed with collecting leaves last autumn… The thing is, they’re really pretty when you start paying attention, a bit like snowflakes, except you can’t see snowflakes with the naked eye and they’re not in colour, right? Bo-ring! Anyway, it all […]

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Round the elderflower tree

And when the elderflower buds end their delicious bloom, these gorgeous pods appear… It made me think of simple pleasures, like dancing round a tree to celebrate everything that is good about summer… This is again working on a very small scale, with each create […]

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Elderflower Elfie

This one was definitely a tricky one as had to work very fast – the delicate and tiny (think grain of rice tiny!) flowers start wilting as soon as picked up from the tree, and had to be detached one by one with very thin […]

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