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Family coats of arms!

Woke up the other day thinking of dynasties to come and thought about coats of arms – how it was a shame not to have something to commemorate what makes a family unique. And then it was obvious, a modern version was what was needed! […]

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The Specials paperdolls

The Specials paper dolls

        In the genesis according to Karuski, first came paperdolls. I used to draw a lot as a child/ teenager, but never trained and as other life things took over, the drawing stopped. In fact, it stopped for twenty years. Then motherhood […]

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Meowles Davis – Burmese brew

In the cat covers series, I give you Meowles Davis and his Burmese brew! My other half is the jazz head in this equation and it was time I paid my dues…. The original is an amazing ode to psychedelic phantasmagoria, so this was no […]

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Hellcat Smith

A return to the origins of the Cat Covers principle, this album appealed in its sparse colour scheme – and it follows the usual rule – it’s an AMAZING album, one I have listened to obsessively over the years and return to regularly. I struggled […]

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