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Patti Smith – Horses revisited 

  I went to Field Day festival at the weekend, and no question, Patti Smith won the day for being the most pro and warm performer. Although it’s not my usual musical cup of tunes, by the time she launched into Dancing Barefoot, I was […]

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Meowles Davis – Burmese brew

In the cat covers series, I give you Meowles Davis and his Burmese brew! My other half is the jazz head in this equation and it was time I paid my dues…. The original is an amazing ode to psychedelic phantasmagoria, so this was no […]

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Katzwerk Cat Machine

Katzwerk – Cat Machine

In the frenzy of excitement that was trying AND scoring uber-desirable tickets for the Kraftwerk Tate Modern show back in February (we got treated to Autobahn) – a strong urge to catify these icons completely took over. The name Katzwerk imposed itself, followed closely by […]

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Nouvelle Patte

To celebrate the launch of my blog, I give you Nouvelle Vague cat cover style! When I got invited to the Meow Exhibition in August 2013, little did I realise that this was part of a wider festival and that the headliners were the mighty […]

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