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Patti Smith – Horses revisited 

  I went to Field Day festival at the weekend, and no question, Patti Smith won the day for being the most pro and warm performer. Although it’s not my usual musical cup of tunes, by the time she launched into Dancing Barefoot, I was […]

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The Mengardon-Coates

The one that started it all… this is my very own family, a couple of years ago – I know because it ‘only’ includes three cats, and we have since acquired three more. We read a lot of Going on a bear hunt for my […]

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Meet the Spooners – Lucy Picker

Welcome to another series of musings, starting with Lucy Picker… Who are the Spooners, I hear you ask? You could say they are distant cousins of Dr Spooner – a genial man famed for his unintended adventures in the English language – did he not […]

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Biscuit sleeping

Visit to Lady Dinah’s cat cafe!

When we found out last year that London was going to have its very first cat cafe, we meowed with joy, purred with delight and rolled on our back… ‘We’ is not just the collective term for ‘me’ but there is a bit of underground […]

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Katzwerk Cat Machine

Katzwerk – Cat Machine

In the frenzy of excitement that was trying AND scoring uber-desirable tickets for the Kraftwerk Tate Modern show back in February (we got treated to Autobahn) – a strong urge to catify these icons completely took over. The name Katzwerk imposed itself, followed closely by […]

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