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Meowles Davis – Burmese brew

In the cat covers series, I give you Meowles Davis and his Burmese brew! My other half is the jazz head in this equation and it was time I paid my dues…. The original is an amazing ode to psychedelic phantasmagoria, so this was no […]

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Katzwerk Cat Machine

Katzwerk – Cat Machine

In the frenzy of excitement that was trying AND scoring uber-desirable tickets for the Kraftwerk Tate Modern show back in February (we got treated to Autobahn) – a strong urge to catify these icons completely took over. The name Katzwerk imposed itself, followed closely by […]

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Nouvelle Patte

To celebrate the launch of my blog, I give you Nouvelle Vague cat cover style! When I got invited to the Meow Exhibition in August 2013, little did I realise that this was part of a wider festival and that the headliners were the mighty […]

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