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Alice in papercut land

  I attended a workshop by paper artist extraordinaire Jessica Palmer at the weekend. Papercutting has been high on my list of interest for a while – there are so many amazing, creative, delicate things out there, that I was itching to have a go but didn’t […]

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Family diorama 

   I’ve been a little obsessed with dioramas since I first discovered their official existence through the ever mind-boggling creative geyser that a good old Pinterest session can bring. What is it? It’s basically a 3D ish picture in a box. I’ve been meaning to […]

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My 4 year old son doesn’t lack imagination (where does that come from… Oh) – and he lives his life being all sorts of different characters – Star wars, pirates, all the classics are there. Lately he’s demanded to wear full red outfits, and to […]

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Bowie was god 

Waking up to news I wish I’d never hear – after all, if anyone was close to godlike, it was David Bowie, the thin white duke, starman, Ziggy…  Bowie has been a huge part of my music life, first in the 80s, then discovering all […]