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Snow Fennec

This exceptionally shy creature is rumoured to live in the depths of Somerset woodlands – and may have been spotted in times immemorial, linking it closely to the legend of Arthur and his knight. Local loreĀ even implies that Lancelot wooed Guinevere by taming a very […]

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Blue Fox

The ruffled Robin Hooded Fox

I got a liiiiiiittle bit obsessed with collecting leaves last autumn… The thing is, they’re really pretty when you start paying attention, a bit like snowflakes, except you can’t see snowflakes with the naked eye and they’re not in colour, right? Bo-ring! Anyway, it all […]

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Delilah Lilac

My my my, Delilah! Like the 20s flapper vibe of that one – near disaster though when daughter spilled her tea and a splosh landed on this sassy lady’s dress. This turned quickly into a yellow spot, so added a few and actually liked the […]

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