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Families are unique, each individual contributing their personality, likes and idiosyncrasies. Things can seem so significant at a given time – a beloved scooter collecting rubber bands, an obsession with Star Wars, a favourite cuddly toy, a special outfit – and yet can easily be forgotten about in a matter of years or months.
What I try to do with my family portrait is There is capture a moment in a family’s life – that snapshot that truly embodies everyone.
My walking families, which have become a bit of a signature style for me, were inspired by Going on a bear hunt, and I like to think that the families in mine are all going towards their future, purposely, with a confident stride in their step.
You will also find here family trees, coats of arms and more. I am adding to the styles regularly – ultimately, I work closely on each drawing to find the best representation for that family.

Pam’s family tree

This is not that new an item, but amazingly, it’s slipped through the blogging net until now! I am very proud of this tree, although I was mostly very daunted by the prospect of over 50 people to draw initially! But the thing is, ultimately, […]

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Spiderman birthday boy 

  It’s my son’s best mate’s birthday – they are both obsessed with dressing up – and so i created this portrait of him in his favourite superhero costume.   Added a little bit of a London skyline to  take it closer to home!  As ever, […]

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Lucy and John – family portrait

  Another commission, this time for this very lovely family – loved the outfit and the doc mcstuffins!  And here are the happy recipients of this surprise 40th birthday present!       If you’re interested in a portrait for yourself or as a present for friends, […]

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Sabine, Franck and Uma the dog

Here I am again, delighted to introduce this new drawing to the family!     Sabine is an old friend from Lycée in Toulouse in France – and it was an absolute pleasure to get re-acquainted with her and her extraordinary life (not envious at all, […]

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The Brannons coat of arms

I love doing coats of arms – there is something grand and quirky at the same time – and it’s always fun to see what are the flagships of each families. Here we have a very gorgeous family, half brit, half japanese, who loves the […]

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The Layton-Hays coat of arms

We are on holiday with our very lovely friends and kids in Dorset – and getting to know each other better while sharing a little wine (ahem). And so a portrait made a lot of sense to celebrate our time together. This is a pretty […]

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Gill’s family tree

Lindsay got in touch with me, wanting to get a family tree for her sister’s 40th birthday – with days to spare. I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, so we went for it. This was such a fun tree to do, especially […]


The Mengardon-Coates

The one that started it all… this is my very own family, a couple of years ago – I know because it ‘only’ includes three cats, and we have since acquired three more. We read a lot of Going on a bear hunt for my […]

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The Brittons

Meet ‘team’ Britton, or possibly the most outdoorsy family you’ve ever met. They live for the great outdoors, and this has to be reflected in this portrait, and this is how they found themselves on a kayak, and happy too! Their little boy exhibits classic […]

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