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Eliza’s babbit

Eliza is our sweet sweet sweet goddaughter. Aged two and a bit, whenever she saw a kangaroo, she would exclaim:’babbit!!’ And so it was that she had to be given her very own one…

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Dean and family

a family portrait with a very young baby – it felt right to have them all huddled together – reflecting the special closeness we feel when a new person joins a family and makes it complete…

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Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

Another one from the vaults, I did like the band enough, but loved the pic more. Can’t find the original, but likely to have featured in what was THEN the best music mag on the planet, French monthly Les Inrockuptibles. It’s now shortened to Les […]

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Anthonin Artaud

You want to be hip by being ‘au fait’ with avant-garde French penseurs, you know your Sartre from your Camus, your Duchamp from your Vian, the 20th century of French surrealists and over-realists has no secret for you? Then maybe Anthonin Artaud has a place […]

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Michael Stipe

A really serendipitous kinda day today as, after many years thinking these were lost, I’ve unearthed a number of drawings when I was in my late teens. These were the last drawings I did before stopping for 20 years. They are pretty much of my […]

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Folky autumn leaves

There is one way of making the end of the summer less bitter sweet… It’s autumn leaves season!! Such a cornucopia of vibrant colours and unique elaborate shapes, everyday offers these little ‘ooh!’ moments of discovering these objects of beauty. We spent most of last […]


Matisse egg

My daughter’s last term project was exploring artists. With little time to spare (due the following day!!) and a Matisse exhibition in town and a little pinterest for inspiration (saw a balloon covered in leaves) and inspiration hit hard – we would make a matisse […]