La Palucca

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You have to be a seriously grande dame to be known simply as ‘La Palucca’.

Dance in the 1920s in Europe underwent something of a revolution. With bauhaus emerging, the idea of breaking from the convention was ready to take flight. Gret Palucca felt constricted by classical ballet, and under legend Mary Wigman got to explore and soon choreograph a much more personal style of dance. She was known for her exuberant leaping solos, more often seen in her male counterparts performances. She started her own school in and troupe, soon rivalling her teacher.

She even performed in the Olympics in 1936, although as a half Jewish woman, her activities came to a stop during the Second World War. But true to herself, she bounced back to action, becoming a major force in contemporary dance. The Palucca in Dresden Germany is to this day still one of the most prestigious dance school in the world.

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