People festival poster – Thea Gilmore, Jim Moray and more!

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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by People Records, who are putting a fab day festival in Guilford on 18th of July and were in need of a poster for the event.

I was asked to create one of my famous trees, but replace family members by the bands on the bill – which I loved!

People festival poster 2015_sm

The line-up is pretty ace too: Thea Gilmore and husband Nigel Stonier, Jim Moray, Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker, Aaron Fyfe and the Kings of the South Seas – it’s a folk-induced fest, and it was a real treat to listen to the artists as I worked.

I used some of the existing artists promo shots  to create the tree, I was particularly chuffed that Jim seems to have a pet fox, and I love how MEAN the Kings of the South Seas look!

Here are some of the reference photos

Aaron Thea-Hat Jim-fox Josienne and Ben Kings

More info on:

People Records

Tickets to the festival are available from and children are welcome!

I’ll be there!

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