Gill’s family tree

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Lindsay got in touch with me, wanting to get a family tree for her sister’s 40th birthday – with days to spare. I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, so we went for it. This was such a fun tree to do, especially as Lindsay really embraced the process and fed back great information to add to the tree (note all the words around each people for example).


Lindsay sent me some pics of everyone she wanted on the tree – I generally ask for 2 or 3 per person to make sure I really get a sense of who they are.


We discussed what each person should wear and what they might be doing – and so Oma and Opa enjoy sunbathing, Opa speculum in hand (he’s a gynaecologist with a strong sense of humour!), Ella swings from a branch, as the action girl that she is, Sebastian is absorbed in gaming on his favourite ipad. Football is also obviously quite a big part of the German side of the family and it’s reflected in several ways in the picture.

The picture is now in Oklahoma, after snow storm delayed its arrival, but safe and very happily received.

Here’s what Lindsay had to say:

“I’m so grateful for the recommendation and finding Karuski’s little shop of colours. I was looking for a good gift for my sisters 40th birthday, I wanted something unique and special, and had to top many great gifts from the past as well!

Well, this family tree artwork is incredible! So personal, so fun, the likenesses to the family is fantastic, including all the pets 🙂 It was all done in super-fast time too. A wonderfully detailed and very special of art which I hope will become a treasured heirloom. Thank you Katherine.”

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Karuski is the nom de pencil for me, Katherine Mengardon - I am a fan of all things 1960s, CAKES, obscure indie pop bands, children illustrations, bad puns and cats. Any spare time goes towards baking mad cakes, drawing families and catified musicians. Find me here too:

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    • It just seemed a very natural step to me, to do a family tree, put a family in a tree!? That is soooo nice to hear though – the trees are definitely my most popular work in terms of commissions at the moment!

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