Matisse egg


My daughter’s last term project was exploring artists. With little time to spare (due the following day!!) and a Matisse exhibition in town and a little pinterest for inspiration (saw a balloon covered in leaves) and inspiration hit hard – we would make a matisse cut out egg!


We cut some shapes in card, made some modge podge glue (flour and water cooked together!)

then started gluing the shapes on a balloon (standing on a glass) /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/5ef/65588353/files/2014/12/img_9217-0.jpg



– we left to dry overnight and popped the balloon the next day!


I was highly dubious that it would work, but it did!! Very happy results…


I am really happy to say that the Matisse egg has been a bit of a hit on Pinterest over the past few months, and I have been so touched to see it so appreciated.

it has been featured in a number of great creative blogs (thank you so much Hello Wonderful!, Buzzfeed, 2soulsisters) and it’s truly been wonderful to hear that this has inspired so many people.

You can find further craft ideas here such as the nature drawing table, leaf crafts and woodland creatures.

I am also an illustrator, creating custom portraits – you can find my shop on Etsy, find out how I work and my price list. I do take international orders.

Update: i am thinking of making matisse egg kits – downloadables, templates or printed – would love to hear if anyone would be interested! 

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5 thoughts on “Matisse egg”

  1. This is great. Did you glue straight onto the balloon? I am wondering if I used pva I would get the same result?
    Thank you for sharing.


    • Hi there, yes straight to the balloon – i haven’t tried PVA glue but looks like it’s a common way to work with paper on balloons, so worth a test?


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