Meowin’ with Nancy (cat homage to Nancy Sinatra)

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Thing is, I love few things more than the sixties. The dresses, the spirit, the songs, the girls, it’s all there… And in the goddess Trilogy, there is Nancy (and Dusty and Aretha).

A favourite album, featuring a few luminaries (and you might have guessed the very close relative – Meow Blue eyes himself!) – and corker after corker of songs.

So consider this the first in what is BOUND to become a long line of sixties cat covers…


And the original…

Nancy cover

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Karuski is the nom de pencil for me, Katherine Mengardon - I am a fan of all things 1960s, CAKES, obscure indie pop bands, children illustrations, bad puns and cats. Any spare time goes towards baking mad cakes, drawing families and catified musicians. Find me here too:

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