Meet the Spooners – Joe Blob!

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Illustrations, Meet the Spooners

I introduced you to the Spooners a couple of days ago starting with Lucy Picker and here’s now another classic number. The Spooners are an homage to spoonerism, this wordgame where the first letters of two words get swapped around to more or less tasteful results. Let’s face it, this is rude, and really infantile, two reasons to make me love them! This one is possibly the archetypical spoonerism, the one that makes you go ‘DOH!’ when you say it out loud. You’ve been warned.  If you need any more clues, read on…
Joe knows how to give a good blowdry and all the girls are mad about him. Maybe it’s because he always makes sure they have a nice lollipop while getting the job done.


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