Meet the Spooners – Lucy Picker

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Illustrations, Meet the Spooners

Welcome to another series of musings, starting with Lucy Picker…

Who are the Spooners, I hear you ask? You could say they are distant cousins of Dr Spooner – a genial man famed for his unintended adventures in the English language – did he not one day raise his glass to his ‘queer dean’? Many an hour has been spent playing with such names and their potential. I cannot claim the credit for the names themselves, indeed some are absolute classics, but I was just dying to give these ‘charming’ creatures more of an identity. If you’re still struggling, try swapping the first letter of first and last name and see what comes out. Disclaimer: yes, this is rather rude. Do feel free to suggest new ones too!

As for Lucy Picker, she is a sophisticated lady with a taste for the  exotica. She’s a bit of a cat lover too. She LOVES sending letters to all her discerning friends – there’s something so naughty and delicious about licking envelopes!
(Name credit: Nick Coates)

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