Rudy Wild Thing

And they called him the most wild thing of all

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In our family, we really, REALLY love where the Wild things are – the story, the leaps of imagination, the drawings, the layout, the LOT. In French, the story is called ‘Max et les Maximonstres’ – which just add an extra layer of love for us… Sometimes we Frenchies can come up with some great concepts… Did you know for example that internet users are known as ‘internauts’? Or that the sorting hat in Harry Potter is known as ‘Le choixpeau?’

And so when I got pregnant with number 2 and he threatened to be a boy, Max came to mind as a name. Turned out a little bit too popular for our liking, so we kept it as a second name, but definitely wanted to bestow a little bit of ‘maxi-monstery’ unto our little boy. Rudy Max doesn’t disappoint on this front, and keeps up ‘entertained’ with his impish ways.

So this is my homage to the book and to my son, and here he is in situ with his monsters – embarking on roaring adventures – after all, they were already there when he made his first appearance in our lives…





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